Model 602TSB

602TSB Clamshell Lathe

The 602TSB Clamshell is a split-frame, OD mounting pipe lathe for severing, severing and beveling or weld cut-outs on 1 ½”  through 2″ in-line tube (1.50 to 2.00″ OD).  This lathe is tailored for boiler tube work and only requires 1.50″ clearance between 2″ tubes for mounting.  The lathe is supplied with two radial auto-feed tool modules.  Tool modules use 1/2″ by 3/4″ tool bits.  The lathes accept 2 fixed locator pads and 2 adjustable clamping pads for automatic self-centering or four each adjustable clamping pads to allow the operator to compen­sate for the out-of-round pipe.  The lathe is powered by a right angle pneumatic motor provided with a torque-accept­ing flange, which also allows optimum clearance positioning.

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