Model 642 RBL-G2

RBL-G2 Series Tools – Rapid Severing and Beveling, 7″ to 60″ (177.8 to 1524mm)

The new 600RBL-G2 series split frame lathes provide the highest degree of portability for applications where lighter weight is an important advantage. The RBL-G2 clamshells are designed to sever and bevel 7″ through 60″ in-line tube and pipe. These clamshells feature precise, lightweight Vee-track roller bearings which produce low drag, minimize weight, and maximize portability. The RBL-G2 features adjustable bearings and tool slides to ensure long and dependable operation. Simultaneous sever and bevel operations are limited only by wall thickness.


Model 642 RBL-G2

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Bevel, Counterbore, Electric, Hydraulic, ID Track, Optional Heads, Pneumatic, Sever, Single Point


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  • 642RBL-G2, 36″ – 42″ (914.4 mm) – (1066.8 mm)
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Counterbore Module
  • Out of Round Tracker
  • Easy to handle and set-up
  • Low friction field adjustable bearing system
  • Worm drive tool modules reduce vibration and extend tool bit life
  • Modular design to enhance interchangeability of parts
  • Requires low input horsepower
  • Adjustable O.D. mounting system
  • Extended reach tool modules for deep severs
  • Sever and bevel simultaneously
  • Preparation on carbon steel, low alloy, chrome, chrome/molly, stainless, inconel, copper, aluminum and copper nickel
  • Optional carbide severing tool holder
  • Cold cutting – No heat affected zones
× clamshell cutters Model 616 RBL-G2


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