Model 660 RBL-G2

Model 660 RBL-G2

RBL-G2 Series Tools – Rapid Severing and Beveling, 7″ to 60″ (177.8 to 1524mm)

The new 600RBL-G2 series split frame lathes provide the highest degree of portability for applications where lighter weight is an important advantage. The RBL-G2 clamshells are designed to sever and bevel 7″ through 60″ in-line tube and pipe. These clamshells feature precise, lightweight Vee-track roller bearings which produce low drag, minimize weight, and maximize portability. The RBL-G2 features adjustable bearings and tool slides to ensure long and dependable operation. Simultaneous sever and bevel operations are limited only by wall thickness.


Faster, Better, Safer

Tri Tool’s 600 Series RBL-G2 split frame next generation clamshell lathe was designed with safety as the top priority. It delivers faster, better performance with the durability you expect from Tri Tool.

  • Pinch points minimized for improved safety
  • Patented tool module ensures a smoother, cleaner cut
  • Sever and bevel up to 3x faster for higher productivity
  • High speed inline and right angle motor options in a single drive housing adds flexibility and reduces machining time
  • Simplified tool bit setup saves time and minimizes required level of operator training
  • Economical high-speed carbide sever kit allows for sequential sever and bevel operations with minimal setup
  • Corrosion-resistant coating enhances protection in harsh environments

Safety is our first core value and was the primary goal for our engineers when tackling this redesign effort. Our patented tool module design along with the integration of the fixed-position tripper mechanism with the tapered drive housing minimizes pinch points for superior operator safety.

Tri Tool equipment is known for performance, so our engineers delivered with a  high-speed motor option that can sever and bevel up to 3x faster and can be shifted from an inline to a right angle configuration in minutes. Our patented tool module provides stability for smooth operation and superior surface finishes. An updated, lower cost carbide sever kit quickly attaches for rapid set up. The RBL-G2 Clamshell Lathe also includes the latest in corrosion resistant plating technology for long lasting protection from the roughest environments, increases tool durability, and minimizes downtime for maintenance.

  • 660RBL-G2, 54” to 60” (1371.6 to 1524mm), max wall 2.5” (63.5mm)
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Counterbore Module
  • Out of Round Tracker
  • Easy to handle and set-up
  • Low friction field adjustable bearing system
  • Worm drive tool modules reduce vibration and extend tool bit life
  • Modular design to enhance interchangeability of parts
  • Requires low input horsepower
  • Adjustable O.D. mounting system
  • Extended reach tool modules for deep severs
  • Sever and bevel simultaneously
  • Preparation on carbon steel, low alloy, chrome, chrome/molly, stainless, inconel, copper, aluminum and copper nickel
  • Optional carbide severing tool holder
  • Cold cutting – No heat affected zones

600 Series Accessories

Easy to set up and operate, our unique clamshell designs allow for optimal machining speed and feed rates. Below are some of the standard accessories available for these machines.

As an original equipment manufacturer, special options are available depending on your unique situation. Please ask your sales representative for items not listed below.

This information is provided as a guideline only to assist with the selection of equipment and accessories. This information is subject to change without notice. Contact your sales representative for specific details or technical specifications.

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